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At the same time, the buyer group can better and faster choose their favorite collection.Now open to the public collection of auction items.Fine art recommendation, daily special recommendation, targeted at the collection group recommendation!







Number: 001

Name: Qing silver coin Xuantong three years

Specification: Weight: 26.9g

The starting price: 3 million yuan

Qing silver coin Qu Xuelong one round: Qing Xuantong three years (1911) Tianjin Minting Factory cast, hired overseas senior technicians carefully designed and manufactured this set of Xuantong three years Qing silver coin, there are six or seven formats, Qu Xuelong is one of them.The new coin has just been cast successfully, when the Wuchang uprising, so most of the new silver coins were stillborn, only a small number of sample coins.Qu Xulong is named after the curved head of the dragon on the back. It belongs to the nature of samples and is valued by people for its delicate pattern and rare existence







Number: 002

Name: Thirty-one semicircle of the Republic of China

Specification: Diameter: 2.8cm

The starting price: RMB600,000

Collection introduction: The thirty-one year of the Republic of China Sun Xiaotou semicircular coin, the front and back edge is decorated with a pattern, the front center is a five-minute profile of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the ring "thirty-one years of the Republic of China" words;The center of the back is a pattern of cloth currency, and there is a semicircle around it.The collection of historical traces is obvious, a sense of vicissitudes of life on the face.The color and luster is natural, the font is fine, neat and round, the powerful, straight and handsome, the patina is warm, the shape is regular, the ornamentation is elegant, the rust color is natural, and the collection value is very great, the future appreciation space is huge.




规格:重量:25.8g 直径:38.5mm 厚:2.1mm





Number: 003

Name: Sichuan silver coin

Specifications: Weight: 25.8g Diameter: 38.5mm Thickness: 2.1mm

Starting price: RMB 1.8 million

Collection introduction: at present, China's domestic market has been difficult to see this kind of Sichuan military government "han" word silver coin, on behalf of the new government "han" meaning, with the significance of anti-qing."Han" surrounded by 18 small circles, a symbol of the response to the Revolution of 1911 in the 18 provinces, two sides of the four-petal flower star, above the six characters "the first year of the Republic of China";On the back of the central pattern is a beautiful lotus flower, a symbol of Chengdu Chengdu.

No matter from the collection value or market appreciation space is not allowed to miss the Tibetan friends, this military government made Sichuan one yuan silver coin, the coin pulp is thick, the writing edge teeth are clear, exquisite decoration, less in the world, the future appreciation space is huge, has a great collection value, in the coin market, can not be found.









Number: 004

Name: Daqing copper coin, double flag coin ten words a group

Specifications: in kind shall prevail

Starting price: 1.2 million RMB

Collection introduction: the first: double flag coin was produced in the early years of the Republic of China, the Republic of China only existed for a few decades in the history of China, this coin has experienced endless years of slight wear and tear, the front bead circle engraves the cross five-color flag and the 18-star flag of iron blood, the back of the coin circle is the wheat ear ring flower, the gear is regular.

The second piece: the front side of the Daqing Copper Coin is the words "Daqing Copper Coin". On the back, the inner ring is cast with the totem of the Dragon Soar off, and the outer ring is cast with English. This coin has experienced infinite years of slight wear and tear, but it has appreciation value and research value.

The above two coins after a group of years until now although all show mottled ancient, but still do not break Yi Yi luster, its casting exquisite, the extant amount is very small, has a high collection and investment value.







Number: 005

Name: Hetian Jade Decoration (Shengshi Tian 'anmen)

Specification: Weight: 16.14kg

The starting price: 1.2 million yuan

Collection introduction:Hetian jade penjing (shengshi tiananmen) hetian jade texture excellent, patina is thick, oily first-class, the overall light floating tiananmen patterns, flower decoration, implication to live and work in peace and contentment, composed of a single piece of hetian jade chamber carve out, soft luster nature, meisheng, open process modelling of primitive simplicity and elegant atmosphere, the ancient has been spread said, is not afraid of hetian jade, and they were afraid to hotan white jade with jade,It is a good collection.




规格:长:8cm 直径:4.8cm




Number: 006

Name: Zigang Hetian Jade Guanyin Sending Zi Jade Pai

Specification: length: 8cm diameter: 4.8cm

Starting price: 3 million RMB

Collection introduction: this product in the form of bas-relief, the painting and calligraphy patterns show their beauty, incisively and vividly.Zigang brand gives faith, auspiciousness, the front side of the Guanyin figure, the other side, carved poetry, dragon fly, phoenix dance, as if the painting and calligraphy masters directly written on it, and cut Zigang knowledge.








Number: 007

Name: Lang Dong Fang Red Bottle (Liu Yongsen)

Specification: Height: 41cm

The starting price: 1.38 million yuan

Collection introduction:"The east is red" is the first in 600 cloisonne history "great side like" as the theme, the refined from pure manual, process heavy and complicated, after padding making, thread, point blue, blue, polished, gold-plated and so on 108 working procedure, works to thick copper TaiZhi, modelling the pillar type, the reagent abundant shoulder, belly in, upper bottles is unique to adopt the design method of the virtual space,Using visual conversion technique, the outline of the shape is designed as the classic profile of the great man, so that it has a sense of design and aesthetic feeling of The Times;In color with color strong, large areas of red and yellow color with blue and green embellishment, five colorful spots, thick and heavy color, handeland dripping dripping, do not have a mood;The picture of the golden pheasant head, body feathers colorful, distant peaks stacked mountains, the Great Wall like a dragon winding in the lofty mountains;Mouth along, circle foot chisel carved back shape continuous lines, pray for the Chinese nation longevity, longevity!

In the "Belt and Road" Global Diplomats Intangible Cultural Heritage Exchange Forum in September 2020, the great statue of "The East is Red" was presented to the diplomats of Indonesia, Turkey, Hungary, Laos and other countries in China, showing the infinite charm of Chinese quintessence art to the world.Master Liu Yongsen has designed and created a large number of cloisonne products and national foreign affairs gifts. His works have won the national gold medal for many times, and have been collected by international political figures and famous cultural and museology institutions, with great collection value and huge appreciation space in the future.




规格:高: 43.2cm




Number: 008

Name: bucket color open light baby lid jar

Specification: High: 43.2cm

Starting price: 8 million RMB

Collection introduction: this big yuan country to eight years bucket color pot: glaze hypertrophic fine, open pieces naturally into a mesh shape, the bottom sign embellish white and children's skin, the bottom of the leakage fetal spiral grain is obvious, crystallization is obvious.

Dayuan to the eight years of the bucket pot, has a very high appreciation value, collection value and historical value, has always been loved by people all over the world.







Number: 009

Name: Blue and white Figure pot (Qing Dynasty)

Specification: in kind prevail

Exhibition price: 300,000 to 400,000 RMB

Collection introduction: this blue and white figure pot: round mouth, belly, shoulders, warm, the whole body with white glaze as the bottom, blue and white painting figure.The characters are portrayed delicately, the manner is vivid, and the shape is regular, which has the value of collection, appreciation and investment.







Number: 010

Name: Cloisonne Ink Cartridge (Qing Dynasty)

Specification: in kind prevail

Exhibition price: 600,000-1,000,000 RMB

Collection is introduced: this cloisonne cartridges: sophisticated chic modelling, copper padding thread, embedded fill enamel, act the role ofing YunLongWen, red, blue and white, smooth wire inlay, coloring level off, the heavy and complicated in see simple but elegant, fine gold thick, typical of cloisonne, grace, heavy, and porcelain, bright and beautiful, elegant style, four beautiful, a rare, extremely collection value.







Number: 011

Name: Jade Plate of Hongshan Culture

Specifications: Subject to the object

Bidding price: RMB 1 million

Collection is introduced: the tracts of the jade jade-like stone embellish is bright and clean, the whole PiQin with yellow, transparent, clean and pure, pattern grain after consider careful beast sculpture on tracts are very delicate and rare, wonderful design has more than one hundred kinds of carving techniques, each position from viewing, expression natural, smart and lively, is rare.







Number: 012

Name: Hongshan Culture Blood Jade C Dragon

Specifications: Subject to the object

Starting price: RMB 1.8 million

Collection introduction: this blood carbund C dragon, jade quality translucent luster, red blood with the light source bright, moving like a dream, the overall circular arc single perforation, smooth lines, lifelike, is a very rare collection, has a high investment value, appreciation space.




规格:直径:3.9cm 重量:26.7g




Number: 013

Name: Three Years of the Republic of China (Double-Character Signed Version)

Specifications: Diameter: 3.9cm Weight: 26.7g

Starting price: 1.2 million RMB

Collection introduction: this three years of the People's Republic of China Yuan Datou signature version: although the collection has experienced the baptism of endless years, preservation is still intact, its color and lustre is bright and natural, moderate decoration depth, uniform edge line thickness, spacing is also consistent.Portrait, hair, beard, ear and other subtle clear degree, vivid and natural.On the back of two Jiahe, left and right interaction, under the knot belt, cast "one circle" two words.Even if it is "a hundred years old", it is still intact and relatively good.

Yuan Shikai was forced to abdicate after only 83 days as emperor. This signature edition is rare and precious coins.At present, "three years of the Republic of China signature version" yuan big head coin is not more than ten, it has a very high collection value of fine silver dollars.




规格:长:180cm   宽:96cm




Number: 014

Name: Cangsong Qingquan Painting (Pleistocene)

Specification: Length: 180cm width: 96cm

The starting price: RMB 1.8 million

Introduction to collection: The people of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, the son of Sha Menghai.Professor of Central Institute for Nationalities.

Painting back with green hills, the pine trees and mountains are green, the moral business or career will meet the backer, a part of the landscape painting "water" on behalf of financial resources, the flow of water is a good one million head stream, evergreen pines ageless auspicious meaning represents the last forever, a symbol of long life has such a picture can be lucky, good luck, and promotion.This green pine qingquan painting is recognized by many famous painters in China and signed on this painting, which is very difficult and has great appreciation value and appreciation space for collection.



名称:春 夏 秋 冬(王亚校)





Number: 015

Name: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (Wang Yaxiao)

Size: 16 square feet

The starting price: 1.6 million yuan

Wang Yaxiao is a member of jilin Province Artists Association and a researcher of Changchun Landscape Painting Research Institute. He specializes in landscape painting, and his works have won many awards and been collected by many overseas people.

This spring, summer, autumn and winter using the ancient boundary painting method, the introduction of ink freehand brushwork, wan chang and rich decorative, water and mountains, the formation of horizontal and vertical, dynamic and static, soft and just contrast, so that the picture rhythm ups and downs, rich changes, can be called wonderful, there are a variety of paintings, very appreciation value.




规格:长:152cm 宽:68cm


藏品介绍:唐寅   三仙醉酒 :   此幅画作品气魄雄伟壮阔,造型严谨准确,笔墨精湛高深,用笔多为细劲中锋,犹如游丝描,纤而不弱,力而有韵,具有刚柔相济之美。                 


唐寅   作品目前市场少之又少,基本市场上没有他的作品,此画非常难得,具有较高的收藏价值,未来升值空间无法估计。

Number: 016

Name: Tang Yin three immortals drunk

Specification: length: 152cm width: 68cm

Starting price: 6 million RMB

Collection introduction: Tang Yin Sanxian drunk: this painting works verve grand and magnificent, rigorous and accurate modeling, exquisite ink deep, with the pen for the fine strength center, like gossamer tracing, thin but not weak, force and rhyme, with the beauty of the combination of hardness and softness.

The whole picture with three old longevity, respectively, on behalf of the "blessing, Lu, longevity" three immortality, its meaning of three stars, a symbol of people's yearning for a better life.

At present, the market of Tang Yin's works is very few, there is no his works in the basic market, this painting is very rare, has a high collection value, the future appreciation space can not be estimated.




规格:   高:16cm





Number: 017

Name: Qing Dynasty glazed three-yang flat belly bottle

Specifications: High: 16 cm

Starting price: 3 million RMB

Glaze changes three Yang flat belly bottle: lip mouth, long and thin neck, flat round belly, shape like water chestnut, circle foot, fetal body thick, glaze using multiple sets of procedures glaze, glaze becomes red, natural vertical flow to the bottom, red flash changes blurred, gorgeous and colorful.

The glaze color of the kiln becomes purple and red, and the red contains blue, which is too natural. The kiln becomes rich, auspicious and prosperous, and the wealth lasts forever. The works are burned by wood burning technology.

This flat belly bottle glaze change is pure providence, naturally formed, has a high historical value, artistic value and collection value, the future appreciation space is huge, large to immeasurable.







Number: 018

Name: a group of doors and Windows of a thousand column flower in qing dynasty

Specifications: The object shall prevail

Starting price: RMB 1.8 million

Collection introduction: this elm flower doors and Windows, pure hand-carved, each contact mouth place is very fine, hollow-out carving in line with the Qing Dynasty process, preserved so far is very rare, has a very high current value, appreciation space is huge.







Number: 019

Name: Guangxu Yuanbao made in Zhejiang Province

Specifications: Weight: 7.3g

Starting price: RMB 1 million

Collection is introduced: the guangxu stove made in zhejiang province, copper coin primary colors of light, the blank is bright and clean level off, embossing, flawless, zhejiang official bureau coppers are so appearance maker is extremely rare, and are extremely rare, although has experienced the endless years, but the lines are still clear, also witnessed its historical accumulation, has very obvious historical transitional characteristics.Unique charm, contains rich historical elements!It is of indescribable value.








Number: 020

Name: monkey ticket big set

Specifications: in kind prevail

Starting price: 2.2 million RMB

Collection introduction: this zodiac stamp: design by the monkey ticket master Huang Yongyu a person independently painted completed, this is Huang Yongyu after the monkey ticket after the first zodiac creation, artistic perception is more mature, more profound artistic ability;His return to the mountain at the age of 82 is not only more important than his first creation of Monkey Pao, but even more charming than Gengshen Monkey.

Huang Yongyu has become a landmark symbol in China's art and cultural circles due to his success in art and commerce. The prospect of the monkey stamp's appreciation is obviously better. Meanwhile, the monkey stamp products combine the advantages of stamps and gold collection, and the collection potential is greatly increased.








Number: 021

Name: Zhang Tonglu cloisonne blue plum bottle

Specifications: in kind prevail

Starting price: 2.6 million RMB

Cloisonne blue plum bottle: show shoulder lift abdomen, elongate neck, tighten circle foot, the overall shape of tall and straight, smooth lines and natural contour, both show grace and magnanimous phase, but also with the majestic majestic beauty.Valor of the steady

In the tension to show, the world at the king of the heroic hair, huge appreciation space.










Number: 022

Name: a group of wrong edition copper coins

Specifications: in kind shall prevail

Starting price: 2.9 million RMB

A group of wrong coins: (Guangxu Yuanbao) (Qing Dynasty copper coin) (Hunan copper dollar) is the Qing Dynasty Guangxu circulation of large denomination currency, is the first to introduce overseas technology in China's circulation of currency, especially the wrong version of the currency, more rare.It also has implications for today

Hides a very high historical significance and collection value. The coin collection market has always been expensive with rare things, and the wrong version of the coin is the first collection

The value is: the probability of a mistake is 1 in a million or 1 in 10 million, so the "identity" of the wrong coin is different from that of the normal coin.

The value is also different. The collection value of the positive and negative version of the wrong coin is very high, and the appreciation space is very large and the memorial significance is great.







Number: 023

Name: Treasure of Qianlong's Imperial Pen (Ai Guangru)

Specification: Weight: 2.140kg

The starting price: 1.6 million yuan

Collection introduction: this piece (qianlong imperial pen treasure) reappears the essence of national treasure, the seal is the nine dragons hovering between auspicious clouds, chasing treasure, or hidden or present, lifelike: the imprint table is decorated with relief chi dragon pattern, the seal is the seal "Qianlong imperial pen treasure".The arts and crafts work sedate modesty, classic atmosphere, its perfect condensed craftsmanship, pure ancient books, to the quality of material is excellent, the carving skills proficiency, cultural background, the modelling elegant and exquisite, all show the contemporary spirit, carry forward the intangible cultural heritages, December 14, 2016 in Paris auction clinchs a deal to clinch a deal for 160 million.

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